Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pikmin 3 has NO multiplayer because it's impossible, says Nintendo

Yep that's right, Nintendo has stated that they CANNOT include an online multiplayer mode for Pikmin 3 due to tech issues. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, which he stated in an interview with IGN, Pikmin 3 cannot have an online mode because it's near impossible to keep 100s of units in sync. Each side would have 100 Pikmin, each Pikmin has its own unique movements, and each one will be spread out across the map. In other words, it's just too much to track.

The thing is, RTS games have been doing this very same thing for years. Some RTS matches have 1000s of units running around the map at the same time, with 4 plus players playing. While I'll agree that it's harder for a console to keep track of it all, that doesn't mean that it is completely impossible. If you've ever played a RTS on a console you would know that it is IN FACT possible, and many companies have done it.

In other words, Nintendo could include a multiplayer mode if they wanted, but it seems that they are not up for the challenge of making it work.