ROBOCOMANDER2 Wii View - Review Mini Series

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know that a new Review "Mini Series" will be on its way! The "ROBOCOMANDER2 Wii View" series! So, just what IS this series, and who is ROBOCOMANDER2? Well...

Back when Nintendo's Nsider forums were still going nice and strong, I was a very active member who went under the username "ROBOCOMANDER2" (which I named after the Custom Robo games). Nsider had a very strong focus on fan created content, from fanfictions, to fan comics, to fan reviews, and when the Nintendo Wii came out, I decided to jump allover it and be the first person to really get some reviews out there (at least the first on Nsider)! So, back then in late 2006 and early 2007 I had a review series called "Wii View" which lasted up until Nsider closed down.

So anyway, here we are about 6 years later and them reviews have been long lost... That is until now! Now although these reviews aren't the actual reviews I posted all of them years ago (lets just say they aren't quite up to the "quality" you might expect from us here at the Game Room), but they will be the games! Now I have reviewed other Wii games, but none of them are games that will be covered in this Mini series, and I would also like to make it clear that this WILL be a MINI series! I will only be reviewing the games I reviewed back then, as well as a few other older games I planned on doing before Nsider's closure.

As of right now I can't really say what games will all be included, I'm looking at a list of around 5 or 6 games at most, but I will be reviewing Excite Truck, and Elebits for sure!


These "Wii Views" have NOTHING to do with the "Wiiviewer" who you may have watched on Youtube! "Wii View" is simply what I called my short lived review series back in 2006, and it has no connections what so ever (in fact, pretty sure the Wiiviewer has no idea my reviews even existed). Still, if you have the time, I actually recommend checking out some of his reviews, since they are quite nice!

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