Yoshi Land Wii U?

Ok so its unofficially official that a brand new Yoshi game will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U! How do I know this? Well if you haven't heard, when the Wii U first came out someone was messing around with the console, and they actually managed to access the Wii U debug menu. Here they were able to view hidden content, delete posts from Miiverse, and even gain access to other peoples accounts, but THAT ISN'T ALL! There was also a small list of games where people could submit their comments, and the following games were on that list.

Super Mario Wii U
*Yoshi's Land Wii U
Flipnote Studio
Donkey Kong
Wii Fit
*Soul Hackers
Resident Evils (note the s)
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy 3
Dragon Quest X

with Yoshi and Soul Hackers having a * by their name.

Now none of this has been announced by Nintendo, but since that mistake, Nintendo has patched the Wii U restricting the access to the debug menu.

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