My Wii U Story

Sorry about not posting anything over the past few days, but with the Holidays and everything I have been pretty busy; however there is a story I would like to share. As some of you may alraedy know, I got a Wii U at launch for Christmas, and I have been looking forward to playing it ever since. Well Christmas day came, family members bought me some presents (including some Wii U games), and I finally opened the system and set it up. At first everything was normal, I connected it to my TV in HDMI slot 2, and got the game pad set up, but then I got to the dreaded update section. Well I've updated systems hundreds of times in the past, so I really wasn't worried about it or anything, but then it happened...

After the Wii U's download finished, it went to an install screen, slowly went from 0% to 10% to 20% and so on, and then it finally hit 100%. What happened after that? IT ERRORED! Yep, it just flat out errored with NO error code to go off of or anything. For the next day I kept trying to update the thing, and every single time the same thing happened; except with one difference. Every try after the intial update had brought me to an install screen where the install started AND stopped at 30%. I tried to do the update about 12 times throughout the day, and it just never worked.

Since there really wasn't anything I could do, I just turned the system off and decided to wait and call Nintendo the next day to ask for help. So, finally the next day came, I called Nintendo, and well, that didn't help at all. The first guy I talked to didn't really know to much, and apparently I was talking about things that were over his head. He basically flat out told me what I was discussing was outside of his qualifications, and he transferred me over to a specialist. Once that happened I went on to explain to the specialist what was going on, and I ended up discussing with him possible fixes for about an hour. In the end, we came to the conclusion that I had downloaded a corrupt file, and every time the Wii U went to download the update, it would start the download off of said corrupt file. Now how do you fix that? You simply use the download manager and delete the file; HOWEVER there's a catch... The download manager is actually ADDED IN WITH THE UPDATE which I was trying to download! Yep, it's not on the consoles by default, you have to HOPE the first update works, and then you can get the manager.

Once I got done talking to Nintendo, I decided to take the Wii U back to Walmart and exchange it for another. I had already spent about 15 hours working on the original, and there was really no point in keeping it. After I got to Walmart, I explained what was happening, and I handed the Wii U back for them. Apparently every single piece in the box actually had a DIFFERENT serial number than what was stated on the packaging; however after they saw the system was in fact the same system, they went ahead and did the trade anyway.

So after my 20 min drive to Walmart, and my 20 min drive back home, I was finally setting up a new Wii U console, and getting ready to update it again. Guess what though? IT ERRORED AS WELL! Once again I spent the entire day trying to download that update; only to find that it was dead as well. Once again I called Nintendo, and the conversation basically came down to them WANTING me to send it in for repairs so they could study it and find the cause of the problem. Well, I didn't want to do that.

Yesterday I took the system back once again, spent an extra 50 bucks to buy the Deluxe model, and brought it home... IT FINALLY WORKED! Three Wii Us and many hours later, I finally had a working unit.
Now really I still have no idea why the heck that was happening; although I did notice one thing. While the Basic Wii U models were simply thrown into the box with some plastic over the top of the console and controller, the Deluxe model seemed to be packaged with care. Both the console and controller had that plastic over them, it was tapped up to keep it together, and the console itself actually had the clear plastic wrap to protect against scratching. The cords were also placed into the box with more care, and everything was just a lot neater; it really made it seem like Nintendo just didn't care about the Basic model at all.
Well anyway, now I do in fact have a WORKING Wii U, so you guys can expect to see Wii U reviews from me in the future! Also for anyone else who has a Wii U, feel free to add me on Nintendo Network! My ID is, yep you guessed it, NettoSaito!

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