Legend of Zelda Miiverse Community and Wii Street U

Once again, before we get into the games I would like to cover the "smaller" updates of Nintendo Direct, and this is one of them; although it may actually be quite large.

Legend of Zelda Community:

Nintendo Miiverse is a social network built into the Nintendo Wii U. It combines aspects of Nintendo's Nsider Forums with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and it is integrated into quite a few Wii U games as well. With Miiverse you can write "standard" posts, draw pictures to share with the world, or even share screenshots from the game you are playing! It's actually a pretty nice set up, but there is one small problem. Up until now there really aren't any communities for games that haven't been released. There's no where to talk about future games, or even popular series in general! Well, today that changes!

Starting today you can now access a brand new "Legend of Zelda" Miiverse community! Finally all of you Zelda fans have a place to talk about everything Zelda. From the new upcoming Legend of Zelda U, and Wind Waker HD, to even past games in the series! Still, even if you're not a Legend of Zelda fan, this is still a good sign for you. Nintendo has finally made a step in the right direction by creating a "general community," and hopefully that means we'll be seeing more in the future!

Wii Street U:

Wii Street U was a feature shown off by Nintendo when the Wii U was first announced. Powered by Google, Wii Street U allows you to explore the world's streets and cities from a first person point of view just by using the Wii U's game pad! By using the game pad as a sort of window, you can move it around in 3D space to get a better look at the streets "around you." Although this is basically just a glorified version of Google Map's Street View, it is still a pretty cool feature, and it can be downloaded for free from the eShop TODAY! You might as well check it out since you've got nothing to lose!

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