Friday, February 15, 2013

RoosterTeeth's RWBY

Now although this isn't directly tied to gaming, this is something I just had to share, and I'm pretty sure quite a few of you have heard of it already.

As you may know, RoosterTeeth has put out some pretty crazy things over the years. They've got all of their gaming shows, they've teamed up with Mega64 for some specials, they've made trailers for fake movies (I recommend checking out the Angry Bird one myself), and they also have quite a few long running series such as "Red vs Blue." Well, now they've got a new show coming out, and it was something I just HAD to post about!

Coming out sometime in 2013 (with a live premiere at RTX 2013) is a brand new animated (anime styled) show called "RWBY" by Monty Oum. Although details about the show are still pretty limited, they have released two trailers now, and both are quite impressive! Here check them out!

Warning: May contain content not suitable for all audiences.

Red Trailer:

White Trailer:

So, what do you guys think? Chances are this will stand out the most to you anime fans out there, but for everyone else, you might want to give it a shot as well! Really it's too early to judge just how good it will actually be, but I can say that the fight scenes are done amazingly well. That's a plus in my book!

Check out their site at