A new (old) writer approaches!

Shalom! My dear readers its Cheerfuljochan here (but call me CJ), if some of you who have been paying attention to Capcom unity then you know that i am actually one of Netto's old writers for the Game room and some of you may also know that i haven't been very active there lately at all. .  . Well thats a long and boring story to tell why but for you newcomers i am basically the guy that likes to talk about Indie gaming and likes to highlight some very obscure and almost unknown games. I will repost a old indie review here later that will show you my style of reviewing and a hidden indie gem that you REALLY should download (most of the indie games i review are free).

UPDATE: Ok i have reposted it but since Netto was picky on what date it was actually posted it has gone way back to 1st may 2012 so you will find it in our blog archive on that date, check it out! :D

For other information i am a Finnish guy living in Sweden so you will probably notice some small grammar mistakes that i can make every now and then . . . . . Just so you know so please don't become a grammar nazi against me.

And even though i personally like concentrating on blogging about games and anime i want to later make some videos here where i make some kind of lets play of this or that game but because i am unskilled in video editing it will not be in the near future. And if there is something happening somewhere in the world that really gets my attention and may or may not be related to gaming but most of them probably will be related to gaming or anime i will talk about that to.

And well i hope you guys and gals will actually read my blogs i will post here later and i hope you will enjoy them have a nice day!

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