Netto's Daily Challenge: Achievement Unlocked 2

Today's daily challenge actually shocks me. Although I knew there was a possibility of it, I never expected it to happen so soon. The game chosen for today is a free game by Armor Games, that can be played by EVERYONE! While Armor Games is known for creating some pretty fun flash games; today's daily challenge is for one of their more well known ones. It's a game staring their elephant character (who appears in quite a few of their games), and it is called "Achievement Unlocked 2."

Achievement Unlocked 2 is the second game in the Achievement Unlocked series, and it is completely based around doing pointless things to get achievements. You earn achievements for moving around, stepping on blocks, getting killed, and even for just pressing buttons. Although it may seem silly at first, it is actually surprisingly addicting, and I'm sure most of you will be pushing for the goal of gaining all of the achievements. So, with that being said, lets get to the challenge!

Netto's Daily Challenge: Achievement Unlocked 2 - Get all 250 achievements!

Now I'm sure most of you saw this one coming, but today's daily challenge is to simply get every achievement. Its a simple yet fun game, and it is really something you should check out if you haven't already. All of the game's achievements are listed on the right so you can clearly see what it is you need to do, and the game even times you for your fastest times. If you like this one, I also recommend checking out the other games in the series, but they are not a part of today's daily challenge.

To take on this challenge you can either play the game at, or you can even play it at Kongregate. Simply click the following URL, sign up if you wish, and let the game begin!

Good luck everyone!

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