Final Fantasy X HD Compared to PS2 Version

Square-Enix has finally released a comparison video for Final Fantasy X HD compared to its original PS2 version. If you're one of the people wondering just how different the game really looks, well here's your chance to get a pretty good idea! While it's clear that the textures and models have been touched up, it seems that a few extra details have been added in as well; for example, take a look at Tidus' facial features/expressions as you watch this. I think you'll notice some differences.

On top of that it has also been announced that the HD Collection will include a brand new 30 minute long cutscene. The scene will be unlocked when both FFX and X-2 are finished (although it hasn't been stated, chances are you'll have to get the "true ending" in X-2), and brand new voice acting will be recorded for it as well.

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