Wii U 3.1.0 Update Now Live!

Nintendo has yet again released another minor update for the Wii U, but this time we see the return of an old feature. As you may recall, the Nintendo Wii used Wii Connect 24 to connect to the internet from time to time and check for data. This downloaded new messages, brought Miis to your plaza, it checked the weather and news, and it even downloaded data for some specific games. Well, all of that was removed from the Wii U. For the Wii U when you turn the console off, it was off (originally).

With today's update, the Wii U's standby has been improved. While in standby mode, the Wii U will now connect to the internet from time to time, and once again check for new data to download. Although the Wii U does not contain the same style of Wii Connect 24 features the Wii had, it does include a SpotPass feature. With the new update, the Wii U will now automatically check for SpotPass data while the console is turned off, and it can even download update data as well.

Although Version 3.1.0 is a minor update, Nintendo has stated that they are not done. This is simply the first minor update that helps get ready for the next major one that will be released later this year. The update also includes a few minor bug fixes, but chances are you won't even notice the difference.

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