Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Third party developers shows interest in Mighty no. 9 for the 3DS!

Hello there readers! Time to share some unexpected news, as you may know Mighty no. 9 is Keiji inafune's next big game, which everyone here in the NGR, is waiting for it with excitement.

Following Mighty no. 9's twitter posts they got a question about the possibility's of a 3DS version of the game, Mighty no. 9 told us that there are some very big if's, especially on the money part. However one of the developers in Renegade kid (Creators of Mutant mudds) called Jools Watsham, told us that his team is happy to help out the Mighty no. 9 team, which Mighty no. 9 answered "Wow, thanks very much for reaching out -- I will make sure this info gets to the team :D".

Remember now readers that this doesn't guarantee that we will get a 3DS version of the game yet, however its more likely now with the help of Renegade kid so lets keep our fingered crossed.