Netto's Game Room - Games of the Year Coming Soon

Every year here at Netto's Game Room we have always done our version of the "Game of the Year" award. At the end of each year/during the beginning of the new year, each writer takes their time to look back at all of the games released over the past year, and then they choose one to be their top game to discuss.

While normally our reviews and articles tend to stay on the "professional" side of things, our Game of the Year posts are actually quite a bit different. They are articles on the personal level, where we each get to state our opinions and our opinions alone. They are not reviews, and they are not articles to talk you into playing the games, they are our own personal feelings, and they will be very informal.

As of right now there is no time frame for when these articles will go live. Each writer is free to publish them at anytime, but I can say that it will be awhile before mine goes live. I still have a lot I need to take care of, and I am unsure of when I will have the free time to actually write the article. On top of that I also have a few reviews in the works which I would personally like to publish very soon, but time just won't allow it.

On another note, the Tumblr, Google +, and Facebook pages will go back into full swing very soon. The tragic loss of my uncle has put a stop to things for awhile, but I will get things up and running again very soon. I'm sorry that we had to semi-shut down, but I would like to thank you all for understanding.

Well, until next time guys... And thanks again.

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