Friday, May 16, 2014

Bohemia Interactive - 15th Birthday!

Bohemia Interactive, the company behind the ARMA series, the Operation Flashpoint series, Alpha Prime, and others, are celebrating their 15th birthday right now. And to let us celebrate the occasion as well, Steam is having a sale of Bohemia Interactive games, which will last until Monday, at 10 a.m., Pacific time, and has up to 80% discount on selected games.

Another two special deals include Arma III free weekend, which means that you'll be able to try the game for free until the end of the weekend, and ARMA: Cold War Assault being free for the sale's duration. As in, you have until the sale's end to get the game, and it'll stay in your profile afterwards.

All you have to do is get Steam, enter ARMA: Cold War Assault's Steam page, and after entering your age, press 'Install.' This will add the game to your library, and you will be able to download and play it right away. Enjoy your free game.

So all together now: Happy 15th Birthday, Bohemia Interactive!