PlayStation Now for PS4 enters Open Beta

For quite awhile now Sony's new game streaming service "PlayStation Now," has been in the closed beta stage. Since we, along with everyone else involved with the beta, had to agree to a non-disclosure agreement, the information we've been able to provide about the service has been quite limited. Up until now all we could really tell you is that it is a service that allows you to stream PlayStation 3 games directly to your PS3, and PS4 without having to download a thing (other than the app itself). Well, that all changes today.

PlayStation Now has entered its open beta stage for the PlayStation 4. Those of you who were not involved with the beta will now be able to access the service for yourself, and test it out before the launch of the final product. Keep in mind however, that this is still in fact a beta. Issues may occur, the selection of games will be much more limiting, and pricing is not final. Just as it was for us taking part in the closed beta, this release is only a sneak peak of what is to come in the near future.

So, if you're in the US or Canada, and you have a PlayStation 4, why not check it out for yourself? (Just make sure you have a stable connection; you're going to need it.)

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