Nier Reprint - Get it for 20 bucks at GameStop

With the semi recent release of Drakengard 3, some of you out there may be interested in playing the rest of the series. Well, back in 2010 Nier hit the shelves in the west, and it was sort of overshadowed. As other big name RPGs such as Final Fantasy XIII also released, Nier just sort of faded into the shadows, and became what one might call a "hidden gem." Now, among those who played it, Nier did gain quite a reputation for itself. While a lot of players found the game a bit repetitive with its quest system, others who pushed through it found themselves enjoying the adventure with what one might call one of the best JRPG stories of the seventh generation. Among fans the game was well received, but like most lesser known JRPGs, the game slowly faded away.

Jump ahead a few years, and the game had just about vanished from the world. Those who wanted to try it out for themselves (possibly after learning about it for the first time) would either have to get extremely lucky and find it at the local used game store, or drop $70 - $100 + on a used copy on Amazon or eBay. The game became quite rare, and those who had it, weren't willing to let go of it so easily. Things only got worse with the release of Drakengard 3 earlier this year, but now things have changed.

Square-Enix has reprinted Nier, and possibly shipped a copy to a store near you. Currently GameStop is selling these new copies as "Used" for $19.99 with a 10% discount for Power Up Rewards members. If you're a fan of Drakengard and would like to try out Nier, or if you were one of the people who skipped out on it the first time around, now is your chance to snag a cheap copy while supplies last. (I personally picked up a copy of the PlayStation 3 version this weekend along with The Last of US Remastered. Sorry, but if you live near me, you're going to have to find a copy somewhere else!)

At this time we cannot recommend the game (as we have yet to play enough to form an opinion), but if you think it's a game you'll enjoy, you should go for it. Don't expect a reprint to happen again, so it is either now or never. Also keep in mind this version is "Nier Gestalt" as Replicant was never released in the west (which is basically the same game, but with a younger protagonist who is trying to save his sister rather than daughter.)

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