Persona 5 - Teaser (Coming to PlayStation 4!)

For anyone who stayed up last night till early morning to watch the PlayStation stage show, then you were able to see something a lot of gamers have been waiting for for a long time; the first real teaser for Persona 5. As for those of you who missed it, well, don't worry! We've got you covered! Check out the new teaser below:

While this teaser didn't show off any gameplay, it did give everyone a better look at what they could expect from the next entry in the series. From what we've seen, the game will feature a new main character, it will take place in Shibuya, and not only will it be released on the PlayStation 3--but on the PlayStation 4 as well. As for the story and gameplay, not much is currently known. However, according to an interview with series director Katsura Hashino, the game will be about facing the hardships of modern day society. Each character will be restricted by the rules set for them, and will have to face these "chains" (hence the prisoner theme we've been seeing). The game is also said to be much more personal, and it will leave players inspired to take on their own challenges in everyday life. Persona 5 will still take place in a high school setting, but due to the new themes and tone, it will be different from Persona 3 and Persona 4.

For more on Persona 5, feel free to check back soon for updates.

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