Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Want Valkyria Chronicles 3? Well send SEGA a request!

With the release of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on the PS4, SEGA has also released a survey asking for fan feedback. The survey asks the basic things, where you got the game, what you would rate it, etc, but at the very end of it there is another question that gives us all hope. The question asks one simple thing -- what game would you like to see localized next?

For anyone who doesn't know, the 3rd entry in the series was released years ago in Japan, but it never made it to the west due to it being on the dying PSP system. Considering 2 didn't sell as well here, the game was skipped, and fans have been asking for it ever since. Considered the best entry in the series by many of those who played it, the game tells the story of an outcast unit in the military made up of criminals and those who have disobeyed their government. These people are erased from history, and used as a suicide unit that takes on missions that would normally harm the military's image, and where no one would care if they died. It's a darker story and one that tells the other side of the war that we didn't know even existed.

If you also would like to see this game make it to the west, check out the link below: