The Platinum Log: Resistance Burning Skies

Oh man, the Resistance series. I remember a time as a kid when the game  Spyro 2 was one of my favorites. My mom gave it to me as an Easter Present, and I can still see myself sitting in front of that TV and turning it on for the first time. I'm not sure what about it I loved so much, but I would go on to spend the next year playing it as much as possible. I seriously loved the game, and the company behind it. Jump ahead a few years, and things would soon change.

When Insomniac made the jump to the PS2 and switched over to the Ratchet & Clank series, I stopped following them. I didn't have a PS2, and I really didn't expect to get one at that time -- in fact it wouldn't be until near the end of the consoles life when one would finally be mine, but even then the Ratchet series wasn't something I was into. Then came the PS3 era, and the Resistance series was born.

Resistance was something I had always wanted to play, but I never got the chance. The games seemed interesting to me, and I liked the unique weapons you got to use, but for whatever reason I never got around to buying any of the games. I was missing out... So, when I finally got my Vita, and when I finished Gravity Rush and Uncharted Golden Abyss, I found myself looking at the game section in Walmart trying to decide what to get next. That's when I made the "mistake" of choosing Resistance Burning skies over Dynasty Warriors Next.

Now Resistance was a game I reviewed shortly after I bought it. Normally it takes much longer for me to go through a game, but with Resistance it was a different story. Of course I knew this one was a side game developed by someone else (and not Insomniac), but I figured I would give it a chance since it was apparently similar to a main game. The result? It was a game I had finished completely in six hours (counting the hour I stopped to eat and watch TV), and all I had to do was start the final stage again , and kill one or two more enemies to get the final trophy -- it was an instant platinum.

While a part of me was happy that my second platinum trophy came so easily, it wasn't much of a journey to get there. I mean, it became a memory that lasted a single day, and there wasn't anything remarkable about the game to really make it stick. The story wasn't especially interesting, the stage design was forgettable, and it's nice looking graphics only stood out for the first 20 minutes or so. Sure, it had fun weapons to use, but that was it's only "somewhat" saving grace. It was a generic shooter that was okay enough, but it wasn't something I would continue to look back on and say "look at what I accomplished!" Although I guess this was the moment where I realized the platinum I got from Gravity Rush wouldn't be a one time thing, and I began going for the platinum trophies whenever I felt they were obtainable. (At least for me.)

So I guess all in all, Resistance did leave me with at least a memory of some kind, but still to this day I cannot recommend anyone else to go down the same road. Maybe if the game is cheap, but never at full price.

(Still Level 10.)

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