Final Fantasy XII HD: The Zodiac Age - Announced

Well it has been a long time coming, but here it is. For years now there have been rumors fueled by comments made by Square-Enix that an HD remastered version of Final Fantasy XII was on it's way. Of course we never saw any hard evidence that it was actually happening, but considering the development team themselves stated their interest in the project, it was assumed it would happen. And it did.

Today Square officially announced that FF12 will be coming to the PlayStation 4 next year (2017), and that it would be the enhanced Zodiac Job version of the game. This version includes new bosses, a brand new class system (instead of the license board that forced you to spend points to unlock things you didn't want to get to what you did need for each character), the ability to control summons, a button to increase the speed of the game, and multiple other additions and general improvements as well. To put it simple, it is the definitive version that many never got to play. Other than this, the HD version features remastered textures, 2D graphics, etc, to bring the game up to today's standards (or at least get close). As of right now there doesn't appear to be any other additions to the game, but it's still something nice for long time fans and those who missed out on it the first time.

For a quick look at the game, check out the official trailer below:

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