Scalebound Officially Cancelled

Today I have some sad news for all of you Xbox and Platinum Games fans... The very much anticipated action role playing game "Scalebound" has officially been canceled. Earlier today Microsoft made the announcement on their official blog that the project will no longer continue (although they did reassure fans they are still dedicated to their other current projects). No official reason was given for the cancellation, but the game's troubled development may be the cause. The game seemed to suffer from technical issues due to it being on the Xbox One, and there were rumors of clashes between Microsoft and Platinum as well. Either way, no matter what the cause, the game is now officially dead and will most likely never be seen again. As for what the game could have been? Well...

Scalebound was set to be an action RPG where players would form a bond with a dragon, and fight along side it. There was going to be four player co-op play, the dragon could be customized, and you could even issues commands to it and ride on it's back. Areas were large and open, there was a wide verity of weapon types to use, and players could use them to take on massive monsters. The idea did show a lot of promise, and it's really no wonder many were looking forward to seeing this. Sadly considering the fact that Microsoft owns the IP to Scalebound, it's very unlikely to ever see it revived elsewhere by Platinum themselves.

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