Thursday, March 30, 2017

Destiny 2 Announced - Reveal Trailer and News!

It's finally happening everyone! After multiple expansions and updates, Destiny is now ready to move on, but it's not quite what you might expect. Back when Destiny first came out Bungie stated that this would be a "10 year" project, and that we would be continuing our adventure with our characters with each new release. While this originally sounded like everything we did in Destiny 1 would carry over into future titles, this is no longer the case.

With Destiny 2 everything is being revamped. Yes we get to keep the appearance of our characters, but other than that it is a completely new game. New engine, new gameplay mechanics, new story (or rather, we're apparently actually getting a full story in the base game), and other to be announced changes will be coming as well. Of course the biggest change of all here is the announcement of not only a PS4 and XBO version of the game, but a PC release as well! Now while a PC Bungie game may sound strange to some, the fact is this is actually nothing new for the company. Bungie was originally a PC developer back in the day (believe it or not but Halo was going to be a Mac game), and the PC versions of Halo 1 and 2 were what many would call the definitive versions as well. In other words, with Destiny 2 Bungie is finally returning to their roots, but at the same time they are continuing their focus on the console releases as well -- especially the PS4 release that will once again be receiving exclusive and early content releases.

Sadly not much else is known about the game, but there will be an open beta that everyone can try out this summer, AND the game will be released on September 8th. In other words, more news is right around the corner, and we'll all get to try it out shortly. As for right now? Why not check out the official announcement trailer?