PlayStation 5 - Coming this Holiday, Logo Revealed

While not the biggest piece of news... The PlayStation 5 logo has finally been shown off by Sony at their CES 2020 event, and it's exactly what you expected. The logo is a familiar one that Sony has been using for many years now, but this time with a 5 at the end. That being said, the company has also reconfirmed that the PS5 will be out this holiday season (basically an entire year from now), and will have multiple improvements over the PS4. Such as:

  • Full 3D Audio
  • Haptic feedback to replace the old style rumble feature.
  •  Adaptive triggers (which were previously described as allowing developers to set how stiff the controller's L and R buttons are when preforming different in game actions.)
  • The console will include a SSD instead of a standard HDD.
  • Games will have ray tracing for realistic lighting effects.
  • and finally it will support ultra HD Bluray discs.
Previously the console was also stated to be backwards compatible with PS4 games, making the transition from PS4 to PS5 much easier. Not too shocking considering the consoles are similar to a PC, but still good to hear none the less.
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