The Last of US - Coming to HBO

So here's an unexpected news story that's been floating around. Earlier today The Hollywood Reporter announced that  Chernobyl Creator Craig Mazin would be teaming up with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann to bring us a TV series based on The Last of Us! While not too much more was said about the project, it's something that actually makes a lot of sense.

Back when The Last of Us came out in 2013, it quickly gained quite the fan base because of it's story alone. It was a highly cinematic game, with long stretches of slower gameplay that focused more on world building and the characters rather than non stop action (which the Uncharted series was known for). While not everyone liked this type of game, those who did found themselves wrapped up in an emotional roller-coaster that never slowed down until the game's conclusion. It was a story that humanized even the enemies you fought, and made you care about each and every character you met along the way. It was just done really well, and almost reached a point where even non gamers would enjoy it. I say "almost" simply because many non gamer's don't play games because of one simple reason. They are video games. Remove the game element from The Last of Us however, and you still have an amazing story that can easily draw people in. So the fact that it's becoming a TV series really does make a lot of sense.

That being said, let's hope that the series does the game's justice. With Neil Druckmann being a part of the project I am personally pretty hopeful.

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