Demon's Souls Returns to PlayStation 5

Remember Demon's Souls? No? That's most likely because either, A, you never owned a PlayStation 3, or B, it's because it's been overshadowed by Dark Souls... Well, that's about to change.

Demon's Souls was the original "Souls" released by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 3. The game would go on to be a success for the company, and would be followed up by the multiplatform release we are all familiar with to this day. It's been 11 years since then however, and despite the series' popularity, we've never seen FromSoftware return to it's roots. Sure, we got Bloodborne for the PlayStation 4, but that still wasn't quite the same. It's wasn't the classic fans had been asking for. Nope, that's what today's announcement was for!

Yep, after a decade of waiting, Demon's Souls is finally coming back to the PlayStation 5! While not much more has been said about the project, that's really not a big deal. Fans know exactly what they're getting with this one, and I'm sure they'll all be happy to watch the new trailer... Which can be found below:

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