Mario & Luigi: Brothership Announced - Coming November 7th

The newest entry in the Mario & Luigi series has been announced for the Nintendo Switch! This time around the brothers set sale on "Shipshape Island" island to explore the vast world of "Concordia!"

Mario & Luigi: Brothership is the 6th main entry in the RPG series, and the first to be released since 2018's 3DS version of Bowser's Inside Story. The game features the same classic two brother turn based style gameplay, with action elements incorporated into each and every attack. Dodge and block attacks in real time, and unleash a series of new powers to defeat your enemies!

Mario & Luigi: Brothership will release November 7th 2024!

Check out the new trailer below!

About from Nintendo:

All aboard for an island-hopping RPG adventure starring Mario and Luigi! The brothers are back for a brand-new entry in the Mario & Luigi series, where they set sail on Shipshape Island (part ship, part island) to navigate the vast world of Concordia. Play as the mustachioed pair and explore islands that range from tropical rainforests to bustling cities. Along the way, meet new friends to help you on your journey and encounter familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom like Peach and Bowser. Keep the “Brothership” afloat and rely on Mario and Luigi’s bond to save the day by employing Bros. Moves to get past obstacles and powerful Bros. Attacks to claim victory in a dynamic twist on turn-based combat. Mario & Luigi: Brothership launches on Nintendo Switch Nov. 7.


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