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Capcom-Unity Legacy Post (2011):

Ok so I'm sure everyone has heard that PSP games are being remade for the PS3, including Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but what other games are going to be remade? Well right now Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker are the only ones announced, but there will be more to come.

So anyway my question is, which games would you like to see remade and why? If you'd like please comment and tell us what games you would like remade, why you want it remade, and what extras you would like to see added in.

As for me, there's only a few games I REALLY want remade (other than the 2 already announced).

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core -

Now FF7 is one of the most well known RPGs out there and it is one of the few FF games to get more than one game, in fact FF7 actually got 3 games, 2 anime OVAs, a few books, and a movie (including an extended bluray version that was just released a few years ago).

Crisis Core tells the story of Cloud's friend Zack and it takes place right before FF7. I'm going to avoid spoilers here but what I can say about the game is, it was too short. I really loved the story, Zack is one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters, and I really liked the gameplay. Really it was a very very nice and fun game to play! Even so the game was made with the idea of keeping the game easy for gamers on the go. The story only took around 10-15 hours to beat, there were a lot of few min long missions to play through, and the combat was pretty simple. Sure you could spend HOURS on the game, but the main game just wasn't that long.

Really this would be a perfect game for a remake but if it were to be remade I'd like to see MORE features. The original game doesn't allow back tracking and the extra missions were short and sometimes boring. With a PS3 version they could easily allow you to go back and explore the world, and they could also make the missions a bit more... Well, non handheldish? Really there should just be more too them, not simple "kill this monster" missions, and thats one feature they could easily improve on if it were to be ported.
So yeah, it's a really really good game (if you like RPGs and action games with a lot of story, if not stay away from it), but they could improve on it soooo much for a PS3 port.

Megaman Powered Up/Maverick Hunter X -

I really shouldn't have to explain these games since we're here at the official capcom blogs, but to sum them up... Megaman Powered Up is a remake of Megaman 1 and Maverick Hunter X is a remake of X1. Both change the story up by a bit, but for the most part they stay the same. Powered Up let you play as the Robot Masters you beat by using your buster (including the two new Robot Masters) and it even let you play as Protoman and Roll. Maverick Hunter X includes a Vile mode, and an anime OVA to explain what happened before X1.

Both games are 2.5D (however Powered Up featured a super deformed art style and Maverick Hunter X took the Megaman X8 route), both had cutscenes, and both had talking before the boss fights. So yeah both games were updated quite a lot, but they also took different styles when it came to the art and overall set up of the games.

Really I love both of these games but I really don't see a reason to release them alone, a Megaman bundle would be a lot better and would most likely sell a lot more. I mean the games are great but this day in age I don't think people would want to spend 30-50 bucks (depending on what the price of these remakes will be) for an 8 level platform game (not including the intro stage and final boss stages). I would really like to see them remade, but I'd most likely only buy them IF they were together. Other than that there's really no features I'd like to see added. Well then again, a Zero mode would have been pretty cool in Hunter X...

Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines -

Actually I didn't care THAT much for this game, but I did feel that it was a pretty good game for a hand held. I'm a fan of the AC games but due to the PSPs limits, this one just felt really small.

I'm not actually saying that this should get a normal remake, but I do feel that it WOULD be a nice extra if they were to remake it and release it as a part of Assassin's Creed: Revolations. There's a lot of people out there who never played Bloodlines because they dont own a PSP, and to make things worse, Bloodlines actually held a big part of the story. If Revolations is going to finally tell us EVERYTHING, this really should be an extra game that comes with it. They could also cut out the loading screens and make the world a lot more open. Having a loading screen for every town block just isn't fun...

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy -

A Final Fantasy fighting game that is very well known. I'm sure a LOT of you have been hearing about this game a lot over the past few months so I'm not going to really explain it too much. To sum it up you've got a lot of FF characters (from FF1-13), you get to customize them and level them up, then you get to go fight in a fully 3D arena Dragon Ball Z style (flying through the air, using super attacks, etc).
There is a story mode and all, but it'd be WAY TOO HARD to even bother explaining it here lol, a lot happens. Really it's not a HUGE deep story, but it is pretty good and you'll most likely want to finish it.
This game will most likely get a remake (heck it might have already been announced and I just don't know it yet), and is one of the best PSP games out there. Sure it isn't a normal style fighting game but it is pretty fun, and it's a great game for Final Fantasy and RPG fans. The only way they could really improve on this game is to either add more characters, add more levels, add more music, make it so 2-4 people can fight at the same time (currently it's only 1v1), and by adding online play.

The 3rd Birthday -

The 3rd Birthday is the 3rd game in the Parasite Eve line of games, however it is nothing like the originals. While PE1 was an rpg and PE2 was more of a horror survival, 3rd Birthday goes down the route of a 3rd person shooter. In the game you play as Aya Brea who's mind is being sent back in time to control people in the past to hopefully change the future. The story can be VERY confusing the first time you play through the story, and some actually HATE the story, however it all depends on the person.

Even though the game has kind of a strange story, the gameplay is actually really good for a PSP shooter. The controls are easy, there are a lot of different guns to get/upgrade, and the levels are pretty fun as well. Really the only down side to the game is the fact that it's made for more than one playthrough.
If you truly want to unlock EVERYTHING the game will require you to play through 50 times, you'd have to beat the game on each setting, get every achievement (not just on one setting either, every setting has its own achievements), and you'd have to beat the game with each of the unlockable costumes as you do so inorder to unlock the costume in the veiw mode. Yep the game is a very short one, but it takes a lot of playthroughs to actually "beat" it.

Some people did have a problem with this game because square decided to show off that Aya is in fact female (her cloths ripps and falls appart as she takes damage and there's a hidden shower scene), but if you can get past it (which it's not really that big of a deal) the game is great. The graphics were really nice, the CGI cutscenes were really nice, and the game was well made. The game devs did state that the game is a LOT better when being played on a TV so that right there is a good reason for this game to be released on the PS3.

Because the game IS short, I really dont see it being released for more than 40 bucks (which was the price of the PSP game), but they could easily expand the game. Challenge levels that have nothing to do with the story WOULD be nice, and it would also be pretty nice if they were to try and clear up the story/add more to it, but it's not really needed.

Either way The 3rd Birthday would be a really good console game.

Well I guess that's about it! I would like to see a few other games (like a rerelease of Star Ocean 1 and 2 as a pack), but I already covered the main ones. So now that that's said, what would you guys like to see?
Also before I forget, I most likely will NOT be making a blog post tomorrow because I want to finish up Dead or Alive Dimensions so I can write a mini review for it. Right now I've almost unlocked everything and I've spent a good ammount of time online, but I would still like to finish up a few more things before I go ahead and make my post.

Well until next time people!

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