Metal Gear Solid HD Collection!

Guess what guys? Turns out Metal Gear Solid is getting a HD Collection for both the 360 and PS3! Yep both systems will be able to play through some of the most well known games of all time. Now really this could be a good or bad thing depending on who you are since a lot of Sony fans bought the PS3 for 2 things. The first would be Final Fantasy, and the second is Metal Gear Solid. Now Xbox has both.
Anyway try putting your "Fanboy" thoughts behind you and I'll avoid talking about which system is better. (I actually own both.)

So what's in the HD Collection? Well sadly MGS1/Twin Snakes will not be appearing in the collection, it actually only includes MGS2 and 3 from the original MGS games. A bit sad to hear that? Well what if I said that Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker was also include? Yep the PSP Exclusive that was rumored to be a part of Sony's PSP remakes turns out to be a part of the collection instead.

Apparently the PS3 version of the MGS Collection will allow you to share your PW saves with the PSP version (very much like what Capcom is doing with Monster Hunter Port 3rd). Really this isn't much of a loss to 360 owners since they might not have a PSP (or if they do they'll also have a PS3), but it is a nice extra that the PS3 will have.

Right now there are no pictures showing any in game graphics yet, you can expect them to show up at E3, but they have told us a little bit about the collection.

The collection WILL be HD with improved visuals, (including both gameplay and cutscenes), have better sound, and be reworked to fit modern HD games (wide screen and such). The controls will also be updated to use both analog sticks (this will mostly effect PW since it was on the PSP), and there will be achievements/trophies.

Really It's hard to say just how HD this collection will be since they can simply use filters and use uncompressed graphics (*points to RE4 HD*) but there's also a good chance that everything will be redone to be true HD.

Along with the MGS collection (which will be released in Nov 2011), a Zone of the Enders collection will also be released next year. ZOE is pretty much a mecha game and scenes from it can be seen throughout the MGS games (mostly from Otacon). These games actually didn't do as well as the MGS games and a lot of people seem to hate them. ZOE 1 normally is talked about as a bad game with a bad main character, while ZOE 2 actually did a lot better. I haven't played the games myself, but I did plan on it (no matter what the reviews say it really depends on the person). I guess I'll just hold off on them till the collection comes out next year.

So want to know more about MGS? Well how about I just make a full post over the games, I think it deserves it's own post. Hmmm maybe that'll be tomorrows?

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