Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TGS 2011!

So whats up everyone? I just wanted to remind you all that TGS 2011 will be starting very soon, and that a LOT of information has already been announced! Although I do plan on covering some of that information here in the blog, I strongly recommend that you keep an eye out and check up on it yourself (when the information is brand new)!

As of right now there's a few things that have been announced that I wanted to bring up.
Final Fantasy 13-2:
New Trailer (includes grown up Hope, and older Snow)
Theme songs have been announced
Kingdom Hearts 3D:
Main character from "The World Ends With You" has been announced.
New party members that seem to be a bat, and a... thing.....
New cloths for Sora and Riku (Sora's is kind of a mix of his KH1 and KH2 outfit, while Riku's is also a mix but he also has shorter hair)
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword:
New trailer shows off item upgrading (in this case a shield was upgraded)
New areas shown off
Travel between land and sky is also shown off
Sonic Generations:
New levels announced (however this isn't really any new news since the Generations Demo was hacked quite awhile ago, and it just happened to have the level and boss list included)
Shadow boss fight from Adventure 2
New 3DS version gameplay has been released
Kirby's Return to Dreamland:
Nothing new here, but they did show off a few levels that haven't been included in a trailer yet. (Some of them were playable demos.) It's still worth checking out.
Mario Tennis 3D:
Yep Tennis 3D! That's all we really know!
Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter 4:
Although I'm sure everyone here has heard the news, MH3G and MH4 WILL both be for the 3DS! If you haven't yet, go check out that blog post capcom posted on the front page!
Resident Evil:
The newest RE 3DS game WILL be using the right nub attachment!
The game still looks amazing!
Mario Kart 7:
Alt paths can be accessed by using the hang glider to land in special areas (such as on top of roofs)!
Water cliffs have apparently been removed, now falling in most (if not all) water will simply take you to a new part of the track.
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy:
Nothing really new here either, but it still looks pretty fun to me. I like the idea of having a FF game with a music based battle system!
Zelda 4 Swords:
Looks like it'll be coming out this month and it'll be including some new levels!
Levels based on Zelda 1, Link's Awakening, and Link to the Past will feature graphics based on the original games (except for LttP which will include the normal 4 swords Link sprites)!
Single player has been added! Take turns controlling different Link's to solve puzzles on your own.
The game's still free! (Not that I expected them to change that or anything)
Animal Crossing:
Once again there's really nothing new, but the trailer did show a few new abilities (such as the ability to sit on stumps after cutting down trees). The trailer also shows off a bit more swimming gameplay as well.
The game will include a LOT more customization (everything from your house, to a garden, to even the town).
Fire Emblem:
I really can't say too much about this one but... The game features the normal 2D sprite based map, but battles and cutscenes actually feature full 3D models. It really seems like a mix between the GCN games, and the originals.
Final Fantasy X:
Final Fantasy X HD remake! I've never played the game, but I'm looking forward to this! As of right now there is no information on what this remake will actually be. It could be a port redesigned for the HD systems (just upscaled like most PSN/XBLA games are), it could just have improved textures, or it could be a full HD remake. I'm hoping for the full remake myself...
And that's about it! If want to find out more about these games, check out youtube! Most videos have been uploaded (at least once), so it really shouldn't be hard to find them.
Well until next time people!