Looking forward to this winter!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I've been gone for the past few days but I'm really not sure if I should tell you the reason why. It seems that everytime I make a post talking about something bad that has happened another bad event takes place the very same day. So yeah, let's just say that I've had some laptop issues that caused me to go buy a brand new one.

So anyway today I just wanted to talk about one thing. Winter 2011/2012!

I know a lot of you out there may hate winter, but I know there are just as many who love it. Currently it's around 103 F outside and walking between my classes has been a real pain... It'd be nice if it WOULD cool down, but that's not the reason I've been thinking about/looking forward to Winter. So, what is my reason? Well... I guess it's all about nostalgia.

Around this time a few years ago I ended up getting a few brand new N64 games that I had wanted to play for a long time. Harvest Moon 64, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, and the original Super Smash Bros (which I had played before in the past). After only playing them for a little while I ended up taking a few month break which left them just sitting there untouched.

Well a few months later I was sitting in my Alg II class in high school learning about Sin, Cos, and Tan (which was today's lesson in Trig) when an announcement was made. It turned out that a massive ice storm was heading right for my area and the school felt it'd be for the best if they let out early. Back then I was just happy that I would be getting out of school early, but I really had no idea how bad the storm would get. After my mom picked me up (and gave my friend a ride home), we headed to our house and got ready for the storm.

Ice and snow fell for hours, and by the time my dad got home from work everything was already covered. All news stations gave warnings about staying inside, massive power outages were being reported, and the world outside was completely frozen solid. Heck, a tree fell on one of our cars but there was so much ice on the car that the tree simply bounced off, no damaged done. Although we never did lose power, we did end up losing cable and internet which left me only with video games to play. That's when Harvest Moon and Zelda came back in.

I spent just about that whole week playing Majora's Mask and Harvest Moon 64. Although the storm ended up trapping us inside, and although we had the danger of freezing to death, this time might be one of my favorite memories. Not just because I got to stay home form school for a week, but also because I finally got to play a game that I had waited such a long time to play.

So what brought all of this up? Well currently the leaves are falling outside, I'm relearing the same lessons I was learning back then, and Nintendo has announced that Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is finished!
Skyward Sword, as most of you should know, uses 1:1 motion control, and it's currently being compared to Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and a School life anime/manga. The game features a hub town with NPCs that go about their daily lives, there's traveling/exploring like in Wind Waker, and Link, along with Zelda, actually attends school.

I'm really looking forward to this game, and I'm really glad to hear that it actually combinds just about all my favorite parts from past Zelda gaems, as well as the whole school life drama deal. The game will come out this Nov, so we're only a few months away. (It's kind of funny that I got almost every Zelda game I own during the fall/winter.)

So, are you guys looking forward to this winter?

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