Saturday, February 9, 2013

Netto's Gaming Secrets: Luigi's Mansion Beta

Well here we are again everyone, welcome to the 3rd post in the "Netto's Gaming Secrets" series! Now if you're reading this from Capcom-Unity, you already know what to expect; however if you're currently reading this on blogspot, please read the two new posts below this one. Is everyone caught up now? Well good! So anyway today I wanted to bring up a gaming secret which a lot of people may have forgotten about; the Luigi's Mansion Beta.

Remember Luigi's Mansion? You know that game where Luigi walks around sucking up ghosts in a haunted house as he searches for his brother Mario? Well did you know that the game we got wasn't the same game that we saw in the Beta version? No? Well let me explain.

You see in the original Luigi's Mansion there were two key differences which would have made a BIG impact on the game if they were left in. The first of these differences is that the game was actually running on a time limit, and you HAD to save Mario before that time ran out. Yep, the game forced you to explore the massive mansion, hunt down the ghosts, and get everything done that needed done all before that timer hit zero. So, what happened when the timer hit zero? Well I really don't know... Since the game we got is different from the Beta, we really have no way of knowing what was going to happen. Unless Nintendo one day decides to flat out tells us one day, I don't think we'll ever find out. (Maybe there would have been a bad ending like in Pikmin where Mario is lost forever?) Still, this isn't the only difference from the original game.

The second major difference in the game's Beta is the fact that Luigi's vacuum actually had a limit! While in the final release you can simply run around the house, and suck up every ghost and object in your way, this wasn't the case for the Beta. In the original not only did you have to manage your time, you also had to manage your vacuum usage, and try to figure out just how to make everything last until you made it to the end of the game.

Really I would have liked to see both of these features in the main game. It provides you with a challenge, and the whole limited supply system just reminds me a lot of Capcom's horror survival Resident Evil. Since Luigi's Mansion was meant to be a type of "horror" game, I really don't understand why they would have removed these limits for the final game. Maybe they felt that the game was going to be too hard for the kids, but they could have always included an easy mode (or even a "kid" mode) for the ones who needed it.
Well that's it for today's gaming secret! Maybe next time I'll talk about the dark past of Star Fox. Yeah that might make a good one!