Deus Ex: The Fall - Announcement Trailer

It's not quite E3 yet, but it looks like Eidos decided to jump the gun. Today Deus Ex: The Fall was officially announced, but it turns out it isn't what most of us expected. As you may recall, just the other day I reported on how the game was teased on Twitter, and how it seemed like it was going to be a new game in the series. Well, it is true that it is a new game, but it isn't a game for consoles; it is an iOS game.

Now before you just brush this off as another casual iOS game that you may or may not consider to be a "full game," take a look at the announcement trailer below.

As you can see; although it is an iOS game, it is also a full Deus Ex. It will play a lot like Human Revolution, feature a full story, and it will basically have everything you would expect from Deus Ex. It's just that this time around it is on iOS, and not on a console or on the PC. Although it may actually be a pretty good game, I'm sure not many fans are going to be happy about this.

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