Netto's Daily Challenge: Kirby Super Star Ultra

I'm sorry for the delay with today's daily challenge (I've been sort of tied up all day), but I want to make it up to you all with yet another challenging one! Today's game is Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS, and the challenge I've come up for it is going to be a complete nightmare! (In more ways that one.)

Netto's Daily Challenge: Kirby Super Star Ultra - Beat the True Arena Without Using Tomatoes or Copy Change Abilities (Unless Required)!

For today's Challenge you have to beat the True Arena in Kirby Super Star Ultra without eating any Tomatoes to heal, and without using any Copy Change Abilities! Although there are some specific fights that will give you a special ability, you are not allowed to use any "extra" ones (which you can choose from before going into the battle). The True Arena is a nightmare on its own, but take away the ability to heal or use Kirby's other abilities, and you've got yourself quite the challenge. If you're a die hard Kirby fan who's up for it, I wish you good luck! It is really going to suck.

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