Netto's Daily Challenge: Portal

Once again we are back for what I like to call "Netto's Daily Challenge." Just like always, another random game has been selected for today, and another challenge has been chosen. So, what is today's challenge? Well....

Netto's Daily Challenge: Portal - Enter only the Orange Portal

Now if you have ever played the XBL Arcade title "Portal: Still Alive," you would know that it featured a few new challenge maps, as well as a new set of achievements for you to achieve. While most of these achievements were related to just completing the game, there was one that was a little bit more challenging that you might expect; this achievement was called "Out of the Blue," and it could be earned by only going into the Orange Portal and only coming out of the Blue Portal.

Today's challenge is to complete the original game while only going into the Orange Portal. This challenge may seem easy at first, but keep in mind that there are sections of the game where you have to launch yourself across the room. This sometimes involves falling back into the portal you just came out of, and that will be something you cannot do this time around. You will have to act fast, place an Orange Portal where the Blue Portal is, and quickly replace the Blue Portal in its new location. This challenge is more about speed than anything else, and it can prove to be a challenge.

Now this challenge can be done on any version of the game, but I will say that PC users will have the advantage here. If you want to get some sort of challenge out of this one, I recommend playing on either the 360 or PS3, or play the PC version with a much lower sensitivity setting for your mouse.

Well, good luck everyone!

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