Netto's Daily Challenge: Rampage World Tour

Today's Daily Challenge is an old school one, and one that brings back a lot of good memories for me. The game chosen was Rampage World Tour that came out back in 1997/1998 on the Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, and SEGA Saturn. This game really is special to me, and was actually one of my favorite games back in the day. It was the game my parents bought me along with the N64 for my birthday, and it was the game I spent the next few years playing. I used to love playing Rampage on the old NES, so really, it was the perfect gift!

So anyway, before we go on; just how can you take this daily challenge if you don't have one of them older consoles? Well if you have Rampage Total Destruction for either the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, or Nintendo Wii, then you already have it. The game includes a port of the original Arcade Version of Rampage as well as a port of World Tour. On top of that the game is also up for download on PSN as a PSOne classic as well. Well, with that all being said, lets get to the challenge!

Netto's Daily Challenge: Rampage World Tour - Beat the game with over 7,000,00 Points!

For today we are going to be taking a step back. The past three challenges I posted are some of the hardest ones yet, but for Rampage I want you guys to just enjoy playing the game. Now don't get me wrong, there is still a challenge here, but it isn't anywhere near as hard. So anyway, today's challenge is for you to simply beat the game with over 7,000,000 points. That's it. There's a few different level paths you can take in the game (some may give more points than others), and there's quite a few ways to get high score bonuses as well. The idea is to take things slow, eat and destroy as much as possible, and rack up the points before the end.

Please keep in mind that you can in fact play the game on co-op mode. If you decide to play through it with friends, keep in mind that you will most likely not hit 7,000,000 points on your own, but feel free to add you and your friend's points together. It'll still count for the challenge.


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