Netto's Daily Challenge: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Today's Daily Challenge is going to be yet another real challenge. The game chosen today was Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (S&P2) for the Nintendo Wii, and it really is one of them hidden gems. The Sin & Punishment series was never that well known in the West since the original wasn't even released here until the Wii came out with it's Virtual Console, and even then the sequel is simply one of them overlooked games. It's basically a 3D bullet hell/rail shooter that plays a lot like them old arcade games, and it is a game that really pushes you to get better at it. So with that in mind, today's Daily Challenge is one aimed at you hard core S&P players!

Netto's Daily Challenge: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor - Beat The Game on The Hardest Mode Without Dying!

Now I'm not going to lie, this one is hard! For this all you have to do is play through the entire game on the hardest mode without dying; although there is a bit of a twist. This does not have to be a straight run through of the entire game, you can simply go into stage select and play the levels one at a time if you wish. As long as you can beat each level without dying, the challenge still counts (this also means you can retry levels as many times as you want as well). Even so, don't let this fool you into thinking this challenge is easy!

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