Netto's Daily Challenge: Sonic Heroes

And we are back for day 4 of "Netto's Daily Challenge!" Although I was kind of hoping to get a Tales of game for today's challenge due to the latest announcement, it seems like I'm not that lucky. Instead the next game on our challenge list is going to be a game by SEGA released back in 2003/2004 for the PC, GCN, PS2, and original Xbox. What is this game? Well, none other than Sonic Heroes!

Netto's Daily Challenge: Sonic Heroes - Beat the game as Team Sonic while getting all A ranks on your first try.

Today's challenge is yet another playthrough, but this time around it is only for one set of characters. For this challenge you must play through the game as Team Sonic, and basically ace every single level on your first try. When you finish each level you must get an A rank, or else you have failed the challenge. Now really, this one isn't too bad. Like the past two challenges I've posted, if you're a "pro" at the game; this challenge really shouldn't give you any issues. Personally I'm not sure if I could still do this myself, but back in the day Sonic Heroes was one of them games I could complete no problem.

As always, feel free to comment if you managed to complete the challenge, and good luck everyone!

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