Friday, November 15, 2013

New writer for Netto's Game Room!

Hey there everyone, I'm a new writer for Netto's Game Room. I'm The Retro Goat, and I mostly do game reviews, both old games and new ones. I may be new here, but I've been writing game reviews for some time now, with over 25 reviews done in the past year or so. I recently decided to make game reviewing a more full time thing, so expect to see a frequent number of posts.

To give you a little personal information, I've been playing games since 1998, with the first game I've beaten being Pokemon Red. My game collection is at around 530 and growing, and I took up game reviewing when I realized how much fun I had writing about what I enjoy. I was invited to write for this blog by Netto, after we both won Gamefaqs Review of the Month. I'm a male, and a huge dog lover.

I'll try to post frequently, and I'm still getting used to doing this for more than whoever reads 'em on Gamefaqs, so please bear with me as I work the kinks out and learn a few things to become better at all of this.

Thanks for reading this, I'll post a review soon to show you my writing style shortly!