Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Update: A review of Dragon's crown is in the works

Hello there my dear readers! Just wanted to give you all wonderful people a update on what is gonna happen in the next three weeks. I will be traveling a lot between Sweden and Finland next week, and will thus barely have any time to post news here etc etc; however whenever I can I will work on a Dragon's crown review. Dragon's crown is a Beat/slash em up action RPG, which combines many great ideas from different RPG's.

I got it recently and I have been having a blast with it so far; however readers I am not going to rush this review, this game was developed by Vanillaware (creators of Muramasa: The demon blade *aka Muramasa Rebirth*), I'm a huge fan of Vanillaware, I love their art style and how detailed their game's are, so for me to do this game justice, I will take my sweet time with it. In the meantime I will be a little slow with the posts because of all the traveling and work but I will post every now and then, when I get time.

I hope you readers understand and look forward for the future review, if some of you haven't seen or even heard of the game before, then take a look at this trailer:

And that's all from me readers! Have a awesome day.