Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starbound First impression

Hello there readers! Yes, roughly two weeks ago The Starbound beta got released on the PC! For those who don't know, Starbound is a Space/Crafting/adventure action game, where you (the adventure of any six races) have decided to run away from your home planet, (or it gets destroyed by a big tentacle monster if you are a human. . . Seriously I am not kidding), and decide that the best course of action is to explore the big vast universe!

Now readers, let me make one thing very clear; This game is still in Beta, so anything I may mention in this blog may be changed before the full game is released.

If you readers have ever played Minecraft or Terraria, then you basically have a overall idea of what you do in the game. You collect/mine material from the ground and create items with them to make yourself stronger, (or create a super fancy house made out of alien tree), you battle random people, and even hunt wildlife for food. Pretty much open world crafting basics; however compared to Minecraft and Terraria, this one will have both Main and Side Quests (which are not yet fully released as of now, but will be added later on), and many different planets with randomized: Animals, enemies, loot, events, and dungeons. There are so many things that can be randomized that its next to impossible to play this game the same way (even on your 20th character). Sure the start may feel similar, but directly after you start exploring the universe, you will encounter new things or events. The game's random mechanic is just that ingenious!

The combat itself is pretty fun too. There is a wide variety of different melee and ranged weapons to choose from, you can equip for example a one handed sword, and have a shield or your flashlight on the other hand, or you can equip a two handed sniper rifle and defeat your enemies before they even reach you. In addition to these weapons, you can find legendary weapons that have extra cool features. For example, I found a two handed spear that shoot lighting balls, making it a melee/ranged weapon.

In this game you also have Survival mechanics. After some time your character starts to get hungry (yes even the robot race), and you have to start using hunter weapons like the: Hunter knife or the Bow. Then you need to create a camp fire and cook the meat. Compared to Minecraft, your character doesn't get hungry fast, which is a very nice thing in my opinion. This game also features a temperature mechanic, when you are on a ice planet, your temperature starts to lower, and if it gets to low you will die (if you don't of course have a campfire with you to put up every now and then, or have made some winter clothes out of leather). They are pretty cool features and add a fun realistic element to the game.

You also have a spaceship which you use to travel around the game world (although you can't bring it down to a planet's surface, but you can always as long as you are on the surface beam yourself to your ship). You can customize the place with furniture or other useful items you either find or craft yourself, but you can only beam to your ship if you are on the surface of the planet, not underground to dig for ore.

There is one thing that surprised me when I started playing this beta, it is surprisingly smooth, it rarely crashes, and you rarely find bugs or glitches, but the most surprising thing of them all, is that the multiplayer actually works right now! Yes the servers you create for your friends rarely crash, even if you have a bad internet!

Lastly the music in this game is beautifully composed by Curtis Schweitzer. A lot of the songs are atmospheric, using a lot of orchestral computer instruments and drums; however, many of the songs are quite catchy, and have a interesting melody to them. It is very well done, and it rarely gets old, and the best part is that you can buy the WHOLE soundtrack relatively cheap!

There is not really much more I can say until the game has been fully released, which will most likely be later next year. I could have talked about the races, but there is really not many big differences between them (yet), I will go into detail about them when I make a full review of this game when it gets out of its Beta. Here is the trailer for the Beta:

If you liked what you read, then I highly recommend you readers to get this game, it costs only $13.99 on Steam or the official website: When the game is fully released I will talk about it more.

That is all from me readers! Have a awesome day!