Friday, January 31, 2014

NGR Atomic Brawl - First Impressions Coming Soon

Tomorrow we here at Netto's Game Room are going to do something a little different. Earlier this week we were contacted about a free to play browser game titled "Atomic Brawl." It is a game which mixes a card game with that of a turn based strategy, but in a crazy, wacky, way. The game is quite crazy, but before we go into too much detail about it, we are going to do some group play tests. I, as well as other writers and others who have connections with NGR, will be playing each other, and looking at every aspect of the game. Once we have got a clear understanding of it and its systems, we will be reviewing it, but not as a single person, but as a group.

Now in the past we have written top 10 lists as a group, but this is our first time really tackling a review as one. Since Atomic Brawl is a multiplayer based competitive game, we feel that it just wouldn't do it justice if we didn't do it this way. The game is quite interesting, and it is quite clear that it is something that is funner with friends.

In the mean time, feel free to check out their official trailer below, or even sign up for the game yourself!

If you would like to play, simply go to, and create a free account. It is fast and easy; however, you can also click the following URL if you would like to help us out. By using instead, you can register using us as your referral to the game. This will net us extras, and allow us to experience more of the game.

Well, that's all for now. Check back soon for more info, as well as our review!

Update: Review will be going live on either 2/2/2014 or 2/3/2014.