Pokemon Bank Out Now

After a delay lasting little over a month, Pokemon Bank has finally been released in North America. Pokemon Bank is a storage system designed to help players transfer Pokemon from Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 over to X and Y. It can also be used as a regular storage unit for X and Y, similar to Pokemon Box or My Pokemon Ranch.

In addition, there is an event going on right now to give you a Celebi at level 10 for free. This event is scheduled to go on until September 30, 2014. You can download a 30 day free trial, which will also allow you to download the Celebi.

After your free trial has expired, you can purchase a yearly subscription to Pokemon Bank $5.00 (U.S.)

Pokémon Bank allows the player to deposit up to 3000 Pokémon from the games in an online cloud. The referred cloud will work as a PC, and will have 100 Boxes capable of carrying, like in a normal PC, 30 Pokémon each. Boxes can also be categorized into groups (with a maximum of 10 groups), and the player can customize the name of each group. The service will feature extensive search options and filters, allowing the player to locate deposited Pokémon. Pokémon from Generation V can be transferred to the service individually, or entire Boxes can be transferred at once.

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