The World Ends With You: Final Remix releases tomorrow!

Hard to believe that it's finally here... It only seems like yesterday that I first heard of the possibilities of this, but in reality that was 6 years ago.

Back in 2012 I finally stopped being stupid and picked up The World Ends With you on the DS. Before that moment I flat out refused to play the game, and I basically avoided it at all costs. However with Kingdom Hearts DDD featuring characters from it, I slowly started to come out of my shell, and decided to give it a chance. Needless to say, I was blown away. (So much so I actually wrote this review!) After seeing how good the game was for myself, I wanted the world know as well. By that point it was already five years old, but I didn't care. I knew there were people out there just like me who had yet to play it, and this was my way of hopefully getting more to give it a chance as well.

Anyway not long after that Square-Enix launched a strange countdown website which got everyone excited. The only thing we knew for sure was that it was for a TWEWY related project, and that once the countdown ended they would officially announce what it was. Yeah, it turns out it wasn't what we expected...

The World Ends With You Solo Remix was a mobile version of TWEWY. It wasn't the sequel fans were hoping for, but it was actually a pretty game on it's own. Sadly the combat system had to be modified due to the lack of a physical D-Pad (which was used to control your partner character), but the core game remained in tact (as it was a touch screen game to begin with). As for what else was changed? Mainly the graphics and music. The new release featured enhanced graphics, high quality audio, and some new songs were added to the mix as well. For a game that focuses so much on it's pop style, these enhancements were actually pretty major. It gave long time fans a reason to rebuy it, but it was still no substitute for a real sequel. Then it happened. This was found.

Once you finished Solo Remix a secret image is unlocked that hints at a sequel. This once again reignited the flames of hope that fans had lost, and once again they began speculating when this sequel would come out. Would it be on 3DS? Would it be yet another mobile game? We had no idea, but we hoped we would find out soon. Yeah, it didn't happen. At least not until now.

TWEWY Final Remix is a Nintendo Switch exclusive port of TWEWY, but this time around it has quite a bit to offer. While the game itself is an enhanced port of the previous enhanced port, it also introduces a new story chapter, and adds in new enemies to fight and attack pins to collect. It's basically a the "Final Mix" version of the game (which is something the developers do with their Kingdom Hearts games), and it's where they finally make good on their promise from that teaser image. Sure, it isn't a full new game, but at least something has come from it... And who knows? Maybe this WILL lead to a true sequel? Only time will tell, but the odds are looking pretty good. Especially with how well the Switch is doing these days.

So, if you haven't checked out the game yet, here's your chance. It's a cult classic DS RPG that you really shouldn't miss out on, and it's releasing tomorrow. (Personally I can't wait to buy it for a third time!)

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