Bought a Wii

Capcom-Unity Legacy Post (2011):

Ok so it's not the next game of summer game, but I do have some news I wanted to share with you guys!
The other day one of my friends was over and we ended up deciding to play the Wii. Now normally we'll either play a 360 game or a PS3 game, but this time we decided to change it up. I actually haven't turned my Wii on for quite awhile so I wasn't really expecting anything to be different, but it turns out the disc drive finally decided to fail.

Although the disc drive was failing, SOME games were actually working fine, but others would either stop mid game or just not load at all. After searching online I found that Nintendo charges about 90 bucks to fix the system and most of the time they actually delete all your save data. Seeing how I spent 100s of hours on games like Monster Hunter  Tri, I decided to NOT to get it fixed and went out and bought a whole new Wii instead.

Nintendo charges 90 bucks to fix the system, and a new Wii which includes a Wii Motion + controller, nunchuck, and a game I didn't own is only $119. Although I cannot transfer all my data over to the new Wii, I still got a good deal. I pretty much bought a game and the controller needed to play it and got a Wii for free.

The good news is that my old Wii seems to work fine with games like Monster Hunter so I'll still be able to use it for the games I COULDN'T transfer, but I have a fully working Wii for the rest of them. (Also now we've got Netflix on both TVs!)

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