Saturday, June 29, 2013

Indie gaming: Starbound

Hello there my dear readers and welcome to another edition of Indie gaming!

Just wanted to tell you that I freaking love Terraria which is basically a 2d minecraft with a much more focus on exploring and defeating bosses, well the thing is that some of the people that created Terraria joined up with another team called Chuckle fish and is creating a game called Starbound which basically is Terraria in space and will be better in every single way then that game here's a video that tells you why:

I mean I love Terraria but this game is going to beat it if it delivers in all of its promises hands down. And for your info the Beta should be available this July (UPDATE: The game will not be released in July. Please read this blog post for more information) for those that already preordered the game for 15$ (you also get the whole soundtrack to download now) and yes readers I preordered it and will talk more about it as I play it in coming months so you will know from me if it actually is better then Terraria. For now the game will only be available for PC especially steam users but who knows if the game sells well then maybe it will get ported like Terraria got ported for Xbox 360/PS3 (and soon PSVita).

That is all from your indie news and if you like what you saw here you can follow the game on their official site and even preorder it there if you want to: