Thursday, June 6, 2013

Netto's Daily Challenge: Pikmin

Today's Daily Challenge is a GameCube classic, which many people still have a special place for in their hearts; a little game called Pikmin. Now that Pikmin 3 has been announced for the Wii U, many fans are once again excited to jump back into its world, but why wait? Today I've got a challenge for you die hard Pikmin fans, and it is one that is going to offer you a challenge, with very little room for error.

Netto's Daily Challenge: Pikmin - Beat the game in 8 days or less

For this Daily Challenge, you will have to start a new Pikmin save file, and play through the entire game. Now as you may recall, the game actually gives you 30 days to save Captain Olimar and get him off of the planet, but what if I told you that you didn't need 30 days? Now I know that you die hard Pikmin fans out there already know this, but the game can actually be completed in less than a single in game week; however that isn't going to be today's challenge. For this challenge I'm going to give you all at least some leeway, and only require that you finish it in 8 days or less.

If you have never played Pikmin before, or if you haven't played the original in awhile; this one may prove quite the challenge for you. To pull this one off, you have to know which areas to go to on what day, what type of Pikmin you'll need, you'll have to know how to take out each enemy while losing as few Pikmin as possible, and you'll have to know where each and every single treasure is. This challenge requires a great deal of knowledge of the game, and the clock will always be there to go against you. Good luck everyone, some of you just may need it this time!