Fruit ninja Review (iOS, phone)

Hello there readers! I have gotten a Iphone 4s so I am going to start reviewing many sweet iOS games that I have found :D Starting today with a very simple but very addictive game called Fruit Ninja:

Story: You are a ninja and your worst enemy is fruit so go and slice 'n dice them. Yes I made all that up but there are really no story here, you are apparently a ninja that wants to slice all the fruit you can find.

Gameplay: Now this is where the fruit of the game comes in (see what I did there xD). The core idea of this game is very simple, you use your finger to make a slash like move and you cut fruit, you get extra points if you manage to cut 3 or more fruits with one slash:
Sometimes if you manage to slice a fruit from just the perfect angle you get a critical hit that gives you 10 extra points instead of one. There are different modes you can play that mix up the fruit cutting, there is the Classic version (which BTW is all you can play in the free version of this game) where you have three lives and you have to cut all the fruit they throw at you, if you miss one you lose a life and when you lose all of them its game over but sometimes bombs will be thrown up and if you accidently hit or heck even scratch one of them then its game over instantly so watch out for those darn freaking bombs! Also you have unlimited time so this mode is basically a survival mode.
Those bombs are everywhere!!!
For us that actually bought this game there are three more modes for us to play, there is a arcade mode where you are given a minute to get a high-score  the difference here is that the bombs now only give you minus points and that you can miss fruits, you also get three special fruits that randomly spawn: Freeze banana which slows time down, Frenzy banana which makes it literally rain fruit everywhere and lastly the 2X banana which gives you double score for every fruit and combo.

Then there is Zen mode which is also my personal favorite here you also have only one minute to get a high-score BUT there are no bombs just good old fruits so just keep on slicing them!.

Last but not least there is VS mode which you have already guessed is a multiplayer mode where you can challenge either your friends or random people from the net to slice some fruit up! Its very simple you have to slice your own fruit which is the color blue and try avoiding slicing your opponents fruit because it will take your points away and they are the color red, sometimes there will fly around a white fruit which gives to whoever slashes it first three extra points and the one with the highest score wins (duh).

You can also unlock different cool looking blades (even a freaking fire blade!) and different looking backgrounds and ALOT of achievements. After you are done with each mode you don’t only get a final score which you can share with your friends and brag about it so much that they will do everything to beat it, you also get something called starfruit points (fun fact Star fruit actually exists!) which you can use to buy power ups to help you get points easier or save them all so that you can unlock a so called “elite” blade, also sometimes when you are playing lets say Zen mode Star fruits can randomly spawn and if you slice them you get alot of free star points so slice them readers! Slice them good.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty simple but they do look great and its especially satisfying seeing so called fruit “blood” on the background after you slice them, its a very nice touch but really there is not much more to say they are just pretty to look at.
It does look pretty doesn't it.
Music and sound: So what kind of music can a game with ninja’s and fruit have? Well of course Asian sounding like music! And its only one track! But really this game has only one track for the selection menu and there is a good reason for that, when you are in the middle of playing the game you will hear some kind of  “thumb” sound which is for when they launch the fruit against you (or those darn bombs!) and it feels much more satisfying hearing how you slice those fruits to pieces but still something simple and fun sounding wouldn't have hurt at all.

Replay value: Its a game where you slice fruit! Of course its going to be very addicting and will always be fun to pick up again every now and then and that you can share (and brag about) your godly stats with your friends and try to beat theirs makes it just so much more enjoyable and there is even a VS mode if you wanna challenge your friends, it is just that kind of high-score game that you will pick up whenever you want to kill some time.

Difficulty: Well it really depends, arcade mode requires a bit of luck to get high-scores because those special bananas only spawn sometimes more or sometimes less, Zen mode is all about how skilled you are with combos and Classic gets harder and harder as you slice those fruits for your dear life! But really this is a game that every kind of gamer can find some joy in so the difficulty is more on how good you wanna become.

Other interesting facts: Did you know that people can easily rage quit in VS matches? Yes they do, i played two matches where i was owning the other person so much that they just rage quitted on me xD So be ready for alot of bad losers in the online VS mode. This game exists for most of the touch mobile phones and even iPad and all of them work just fine.

Final verdict: For a astounding cheap price of 7 kr or for US about 1$ (Kr Swedish currency) this game has alot to offer, its cheap and its very addicting and its just so freaking darn fun to slice up some fruit xD But if you still aren't sure then you can try the free version and later buy the game. It is just
very simple and very entertaining game but i would have liked a little more music and maybe one more mode but for me this game is a clear 9/10.
Now go out there and show those fruit no mercy!!!!!
I will review more iOS games in the future because believe me you shouldn't underestimate iOS games they have a big library of goodies.

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