Thursday, May 23, 2013

The "Highlights" of the Xbox ONE reveal conference

Hello there readers!

Yes I haven't really been that active as I should have been and i'm sorry readers >_< Work and other stuff has been keeping me really busy but I have something that you need to see. As all of you may be aware Xbox one has been revealed . . . . . . And has started one of the biggest flame wars I have seen in a while on the whole internet. What are my thoughts? Well I live in a very small village with a pretty bad internet so even if I did buy this console it wouldn't work and I really don't care that much about TV in general and the fact that I can't borrow games to my friends is a very bad thing so its a no buy for me obviously. But anyway here is a funny video that pretty much sums up the whole conference under two minutes:

By the way best quote ever "Xbox is about to become the next water cooler" Oh the irony.
(ATTENTION READERS: This video was obviously not made by me so give credit to the creator of this sum up:

So yeah the new Xbox (I will not call it ONE its just the most egoistical name I have ever heard especially since it isn't the real first Xbox and this name also makes the Wii U name sound like a masterpiece) will be mostly about TV . . . . . . I'll just say this if Microsoft doesn't change the console now and make it ABOUT GAMING then . . . Well it will not survive even two years because even those so called "Hardcore" fans that will still buy this on day one will have to realise pretty soon afterwards how much the console is just not about gaming compared to the PS4 and Wii U. Well that is at least my two cents on the whole thing.

Yes I will still talk about Castlevania mirror of fate that one is coming readers so be a little more patient >_<

Well that is all from CJ today so have a great day readers!